Easy Payment Processing Services

When you establish a merchant account with our POS system – TrinitiTouch – is incredibly simple. You get to take full advantage of the free equipment we offer, or you have the option to use the equipment you already have. TrinitiTouch gives you the ability to accept every major credit card and debit card. For those already able to process credit card and debit card payments,

Online Shopping with Credit Cards

High-Tech Payment Solutions & Cards with EMV Chips

Our POS system, TrinitiTouch, gives your business the ability to accept payments from cards that have EMV chips for better security. These chip cards contain a microprocessor embedded in them to give each customer a deep level of security that would otherwise not be possible. Any merchants that do not accept payments from EMV chip cards could have an increased level of chargeback, plus higher liability when a data breach occurs. When you install TrinitiTouch, your business becomes future-proof because you took steps to secure your business!

  • Includes NFC payments from mobile devices and EMV chip cards.
  • We provide the lowest and most competitive rates in the industry.
  • Let us review the rates you pay to match or out perform your current rate

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Mobile Device Payments Solutions

Another benefit of using TrinitiTouch is that you can begin to accept payments from mobile devices by means of NFC, which is also known as near field communication. That means, when your customers go to pay, they can wave their device in front of the POS system, and pay directly from mobile wallet apps such as Apple Pay ™ or Android Pay ™. The sheer quantity of phones capable of paying by these means is growing exponentially. By offering this cutting edge technology, you cater to your customers, which keeps them coming back because they can pay in a way that is convenient to them.

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Authorize.Net eCommerce Solutions

You get a secure gateway for payments to process online payments. gives you the perfect solution for retailers that are online only. However, it also works great for brick and mortar merchants who are trying to figure out new lines of sales possibilities. You can seamlessly integrate your eCommerce solutions with your current website.

  • Start Selling More Sell online, mobile or at a store. Accept credit cards, e-checks and alternative payments.
  • Secure gateway We’ve been a trusted payment gateway partner since 1996. Count on our expertise for all your business needs.
  • Save Time & MoneyOur additional services do the work of a full-time staff and help you fight fraud, store data securely and more.

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Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

P2PE, or Point to Point Encryption

We give you the ability to accept payments without getting any cardholder data with our PCI-validated P2PE system. This protects your business because you never had any of their information in the first place, plus it protects your customers because they do not need to share their information, so it remains safe if there is ever a data breach.

Loyalty and Gift Cards

When you use TrinitiTouch, you have access to a 60-day totally free trial of 50 different full color, custom cards that you can use with your customers. You can pick the card that best meets your needs. Choose from a wide array of professional templates for your card, then produce the card you want with your custom images and artwork. You get an easy to use interface that lets you customize the cards you use to be specific to your business.

Secured Solutions for any Business

Lighthouse Immediate Access TM

You get immediate access to all of your account information when you get access to Lighthouse ™. The information is available 24 hours each day, and 7 days of the week. This will include all details about the processing of transactions, plus your batches, chargebacks, deposits, and more. When using TrinitiTouch as your POS system, you can run reports in real time that cover your labor, financials, sales, and even inventory. This also allows you to change the offerings that come with your products, and update your menu from a remote location.



The tokenization solution that TrintiTouch provides is able to replace the sensitive data cardholders hold dear by assigning it an alphanumeric value that is totally random. This gives you, as a merchant, an incredibly valuable option, since it protects all of your customer’s sensitive data.

No Collateral Required

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Our goal is to provide value to merchants, whether it’s saving money, offering new technology, or simply providing superior service. — Triniti Merchant Group

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Unified Commerce Merchant
Service Solutions.

  • Retail/RestaurantRetail/Restaurant
  • Integrated Gateway SolutionsIntegrated Gateway Solutions
  • Stand-aloneStand-alone
  • Card Not PresentCard Not Present
  • Merchant ServicesMerchant Services
  • Gift and LayaltyGift and Layalty
  • Offline ProcessingOffline Processing
  • Mobile AcceptanceMobile Acceptance
  • Shopping Cart IntegrationsShopping Cart Integrations
  • MotoMoto
  • E-commerce & Omni-ChannelE-commerce & Omni-Channel
  • Recurring PaymentsRecurring Payments
  • Card Not PresentCard Not Present
  • Merchant ServicesMerchant Services
  • Gift and LayaltyGift and Layalty
Unified Commerce Merchant Service Solutions
Triniti Service Solution Scheme

  • Cayan Card Vault Cayan Card Vault Secure Card Storage, Recirring Billing and Account Updater
  • Payment Types Payment Types Mobile, EMV, Goft, loyalty and ACH
  • EMV Processing EMV Processing Acquirer agnoscit and provides a choice of EMV processors
  • API Integration API IntegrationCan be integrated with retailers ERP, order management, mobile apps, CRM systems and more
  • Reporting Reporting Provides Customized Controls and integrated reporting

Retail Point of Purchase

Triniti Capital Bankcards

We are consistently improving the bankcards we offer, trying to consistently improve the services we provide our customers.

Your Business is Unique

We understand you are different than other retailers in your niche. Let us tailor your services to help your specific business. Our suite of services can do that!

No Two Retailers Are Exactly Alike
Have A Point Of Sale System?

We Can Work With Other Third-Party POS Systems, Too

Our suite of services works seamlessly with our POS system, but we can also get it set up to work with other POS systems as well. Let us know who you use, and we can set up our tools to still give your business an edge.

Stand Alone Terminals Work, Too

No matter what type of system you currently use, we can help. We can streamline your business, save you time and money, allow you to provide more secure transactions, and still provide the customer service excellence you deserve.

Have A Stand Alone Terminal? Easy!

Mobile Payments

  • Mobile Payments Icon 1 In-store roaming and line busting decreases wait time and increases consumer satisfaction
  • Mobile Payments Icon 2 Maximize payment flexibility throughout the store
  • Mobile Payments Icon 3 Associates can be more consultative, increasing the chances of closing a sale in-aisle (when linked to a mobile POS device)
  • Mobile Payments Icon 4 Remote location checkout for additional flexibility (requires wifi)
  • Mobile Payments Icon 5 The device supports the Genius API and feature set* – partners do not need to change their integration
Mobile Payments

The first EMV-capable portable
Genius device

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Aloha POS

NCR Aloha POS, the world’s preeminent restaurant point-of-sale solution, gives operators the tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace and accuracy of service. Enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations. NCR Aloha POS is ideal for quick service (QS), fast casual (FC), casual dining and fine dining tables service restaurants (TS) and can be used on fixed POS terminals, built-for-purpose handheld devices and consumer mobile devices.


POS Aloha

NCR Aloha POS, the world’s preeminent restaurant point-of-sale solution, gives operators the tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace and accuracy of service. Enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations.

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Aldelo POS

Maximize table turnover with our iPad POS solution. Aldelo Touch is our cloud-based POS system – designed with the same features of a traditional point of sale while providing the mobility of a native iPad POS. Aldelo Touch offers unlimited menu items, printer routing, discounts, multi-level pricing, modifiers, and much more! Backed up by the Cloud for ease of access and freedom, you can manage your data anytime and anywhere from web-enabled devices.

aldelo touch - ipad pos

Aldelo Touch – iPad POS

We work with third party systems all the time. Want a Point of Sale system, that’s easy too. We have many great options with customizable credit card reader options.

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Aldelo POS

Perfect for small to medium sized restaurants and bars. Aldelo POS is field proven and feature rich. Designed to simplify operations for restaurant owners.

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Aldelo POS

Harbortouch POS

Best-in-class POS systemsfor restaurants and retail businesses Cutting-edge payment solutions & guaranteed lowest processing rates This software package offers a wide range of advanced retail features such as a color/size/style matrix, inventory tracking, customer database, vendor management, purchase order creation and even support for rentals and consignment.

  • EMV Chip Cards
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • Apple Pay, Android Pay & Samsung Pay


Micros POS

The Mobile MICROS handheld point-of-sale terminal is a sleek yet robust third generation solution that puts a wealth of profit-building power right in your hand. Its rugged design was intended for regular use in the restaurant and hospitality environment. Created specifically for the restaurant industry and fully integrated with our 3700 Point-of-Sale System, Mobile MICROS is powered by the acclaimed Windows® CE platform from Microsoft and supports magnetic card readers, scanners and both local and remote printers. Features & Benefits:

  • Begin and pickup check
  • Voids, cancels, returns, discounts and service total
  • Menu item ordering
  • Payment to cash tender
  • Check transfers
  • Output to order printers

Coming soon:

  • Credit card tenders
  • Output to kitchen display devices
  • PMS interface tenders

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